What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

“We’ve been with Hill’s for over 8 months now. They provide my family good quality food at a fair price. We particularly enjoy the Filet Mignon!”

Tim R., Rhode Island

“We absolutely love the high quality of the food and the great customer service. We’ve been customers since 2006 and love the Burgundy Pepper London Broil.”

Theresa K., Connecticut

“I love not having to run to the grocery store all the time for last minute things. Everything I need is already here and it’s healthier, hormone-free.”

Jessica D., Connecticut

“The meat quality is superior to anything I can buy at the local market. We’ve been customers for many years with no end in sight. Thanks Hill’s!”

Barbara M., Massachusetts

“As a 5+ year customer I enjoy the quality of the meat knowing that my family is getting good quality products. A great experience all the way round.”

Greg C., Massachusetts

“The Chicken Parmigiana is a wonderful easy-to-prepare item. We love the ease of shopping and the All-Natural meats.”

Chris S., Massachusetts

“As a relatively new customer (6 months), I can already tell where I am buying less at the store. Convenience and quality make a great combination.”

Melanie R., Massachusetts

“Top quality products, top notch customer service, top notch product selection, top notch ease of use = Hill’s Home Market being top notch!”

Catherine D., Maine

“We really enjoy the products we’ve chosen in our 3 years with Hill’s Home Market. It helps with minimizing trips to the supermarket and the prices are reasonable. Not to mention their stocking and bad weather/power loss pick-up service.”

Art T., Rhode Island

“Tasty meats that I don’t have to deliberate over in the grocery store. From Porterhouse Steaks for the adults to Chicken Fingers for the kids – something for all of us.”

Rachel H., Massachusetts


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